2016 Nov issue


Treatment Recommendation
Clinical Recommendations for Treatment of Bipolar Disorder for Hong Kong
(Version: Mar, 2013)

Reference for Suicide Risk Assessment
Suicide Risk Assessment in Bipolar Disorder – A Reference
(Version: January, 2011)

Free online access to International Journal of Bipolar Disorders
International Journal of Bipolar Disorders



The Society for Advancement of Bipolar Affective Disorder (SABAD) was founded in January, 2005. It is an academic organization created mainly by a group of medical doctors. Our aim is to promote the knowledge of Bipolar Affective Disorder (or Bipolar Disorder) to medical professionals and the public, in order to help diagnose the disorder at an early stage and provide suitable treatment.

Mission Statement

To promote among the medical profession and the community, patients and carers the proper understanding of bipolar affective disorder (BAD) and its management via appropriate education, scientific research and collaboration with local and international professional bodies.


  • To develop suitable educational material on BAD for different categories of persons;
  • To develop suitable clinical guidelines and practice models for different stages of the BAD spectrum;
  • To collaborate with interested parties the scientific research into the etiology, epidemiology, psychopathology, and other aspects of BAD.

Current Council Members

  Dr. LAM Chun  
Hon. Secretary
  Dr. LAW Sai-on, Billy  
Hon. Treasurer
  Dr. CHEUNG Yat-wo, Eric  
Council Members
  Dr. CHIN Pui-man, Queenie   
  Dr. KWONG Bi-lok, Mary   
  Dr. LAI Chun-lun, Eric   
  Dr. LEE Wing-king  
  Dr. LEUNG Lok-hang  
  Dr. WONG Ming-cheuk, Michael  
  Dr. YIP Pui-lam, Isaac  
  Dr. WONG Sze-man, Queenie