2018 issue

2016 Nov issue

Treatment Recommendation
Clinical Recommendations for Treatment of Bipolar Disorder for Hong Kong
(Version: Mar, 2013)

Reference for Suicide Risk Assessment
Suicide Risk Assessment in Bipolar Disorder – A Reference
(Version: January, 2011)

Free online access to International Journal of Bipolar Disorders
International Journal of Bipolar Disorders


Types of Membership:

  1. Founding members: those medical doctors or clinical psychologists who join the Society before 31.3.05 (by date of reception of application form)
  2. Ordinary members: those who join after the 31.3.05
  3. Associate members: those paramedical personnel who join the Society
  4. Affiliate members: those non-medical persons who join the Society

Membership Fee:

At the present moment, there is no membership fee required. However we need your support in Education and Research into BAD, as this disorder is under-recognised.


All members will receive the Newsletters of the Society updating activities and research on BAD.

You are thus cordially invited to sign in the Application Form and send it to us by mail or fax.

Acceptance into membership is decided by the Executive Committee of the current year.