2018 issue

2016 Nov issue

Treatment Recommendation
Clinical Recommendations for Treatment of Bipolar Disorder for Hong Kong
(Version: Mar, 2013)

Reference for Suicide Risk Assessment
Suicide Risk Assessment in Bipolar Disorder – A Reference
(Version: January, 2011)

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International Journal of Bipolar Disorders


Current Council Members

About SABAD Current Council Members
  Dr. LAM Chun  
Hon. Secretary
  Dr. YIP Pui-lam, Isaac  
Hon. Treasurer
  Dr. CHIN Pui-man, Queenie  
Council Members
  Dr. CHEUNG Yat-wo, Eric  
  Dr. KWONG Bi-lok, Mary  
  Dr. LEUNG Lok-hang  
  Dr. TSE Sut-yee  
  Dr. WONG Sze-man, Queenie  
  Dr. WONG Wing Kun Charlotte  
  Dr. LAW Sai-on, Billy  
  Dr. WONG Ming-cheuk, Michael